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HCFAS welcomes all who are interested in becoming a part of our team to apply for HCFAS membership or Explorer Post 215 (ages fourteen to nineteen). We rely on the skill and dedication of all our members, and are always looking for people who want to make a difference and serve our community by providing emergency medical, preventative, and educational and first aid training services.

How to join the Huntington Community First Aid Squad:

Apply for membership using the link below. You will be prompted to log in with a valid email address and fill out the Google Form in its entirety (including listing four references with valid email addresses/phone numbers). If you do not have a Google account, please create a free one for the purpose of this application.

HCFAS Membership Application: Click Here to Apply!


  • If you do not have an AHA BLS CPR certification, you may apply, but your acceptance is contingent on your successful completion of a CPR course offered through HCFAS.
  • American Red Cross CPR certifications are not recognized by HCFAS. If you do not indicate you hold a valid CPR card, we will send you an email on how to register for a course. Any questions related to CPR certification should be directed to cpr@hcfas.org.

**Please note that "American Red Cross" certifications are not recognized by HCFAS.

What to expect

  • You will be invited via phone call to an in-person interview if selected to continue with the applicant process. You will be asked why you want to join the Squad, and be given additional information about HCFAS policies and procedures. You will be asked to sign a Disclosure Form allowing us to do a Background Check. You will also take a Squad-paid medical exam which will include a drug test.
  • When all forms have been received, your virtual file will be brought before a Board of Directors meeting to review your application, references, background check, medical exam, and the recommendation of the members attending your personal interview. The Board will make a decision, and you will be notified promptly.

Once approved by the Board of Directors, you will receive a membership number.

  • You will attend Dispatch Training classes for two weeks, then dispatch train on your shift until you pass a dispatch exam and attend Ambulance Orientation prior to riding an ambulance.
  • You have 18 months to enroll in a NYS Emergency Medical Technician course and 3 years to achieve EMT certification.  New members serve a 1 year probationary period.

If you have any questions about the process or you are already an EMT, please contact recruitment@hcfas.org.

Explorer Post 215 of the Huntington Community First Aid Squad

Explorer Post 215 is open to both males and females, ages fourteen to nineteen, who with the permission of a parent, want to participate in a worthwhile activity involving community service. Each youth must have a desire to help others, must maintain a good grade point average in school, and must successfully complete American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies and American Red Cross CPR.

The Youth Squad was established as an Explorer Post under the auspices of the of the Learning for Life Program of the Boy Scouts of America, with the Huntington Community First Aid Squad serving as its chartering organization.

If you are interested in joining Explorer Post 215, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us using the Explorer Post contact form or the contact information below.

Huntington Community First Aid Squad, Inc.

2 Railroad Street
Huntington Station, NY 11746

 Business Phone:  631-421-1263

Explorer Post 215 Contact Form

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