Always call 911 in an emergency


2019 Long Island Festival

HCFAS members provided coverage at the Long Island Festival in the event of any medical emergencies and in addition provided a "Hand-on Free" training to the community.

2019 Memorial Day Parade

We would like to thank all our members & explorers who marched.

2019 HMFD Parade

The HCFAS members & explorers led by Chief Mike Como, 1st Deputy Liz Wuestman, 2nd Deputy Ryane Como, 3rd Deputy David Kaufman, showed pride marching in the HMFD parade.

2019 Open House

The HCFAS provided the community the opportunity to observe & learn the responsibilities of coordinating as well as operating such a vast organization.

2019 MCI Drill

Second Deputy Chief Como & Third Deputy Chief Kaufman in conjunction with Northwell Health conducted a helicopter mass casualty drill with the assistance of the HCFAS explorers.

2018 HMFD Parade

The HCFAS members & explorers once again displayed their unity & commitment by marching strong.

2018 Open House

HCFAS presented their open house to the community. The event was coordinated by Sara Manning along with other members and the explorers.

2018 MCI Drill

The HCFAS members & explorers conducted a MCI drill with the Huntington Hospital staff consisting of a mass shooting incident. The purpose of the event was to better prepare for such event. This event was coordinated by Deputy Chief Liz Mohr.

2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade

Chief Orr along with our members & Post#215 demonstrated our Huntington pride and commitment in the parade.

2017 HMFD Parade

The HCFAS members & explorers lead by Chief Casey Orr marched to display their dedication and commitment to the community.

2017 St. Patrick's Day Parade

While the temperature and winds were brutal, once again the HCFAS members & explorers lead by Chief Casey Orr responded with a positive force.

2016 Long Island Festival

We thank all the HCFAS members & Explorers for help covering the Long Island festival.

2016 HMFD Parade

The HCFAS marching in the parade led by Chief Heavey. We would to thank our members and explorers who did a beautiful job.

2015 Open House

2015 Open House.

2015 Memorial Day Parade

The HCFAS members and Explorers marched in the Memorial Day Parade in respect to the members of the Armed Forces especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade

Thank you to all HCFAS members and Explorers who participated in the parade. A special thanks to Mark Cappola and the band for their irish music.

2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade

Chief Tom Lemp & members of the HCFAS & Explorers marched in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

2013 Memorial Day Parade

HCFAS members & explorers marched in the 2013 Memorial Day parade lead by Chief Martha Brenner.

911 Memorial

On 5/25/13, Deputy Chief Heavey arranged a visit to Ground Zero with members & explorers. At the site, Chief Heavey described the events of that day and how he lost his partner.

2013 St. Patrick's Day Parade

We thank all the members & explorers of the HCFAS who marched in the 2013 St. Patrick's Day parade.