Always call 911 in an emergency


Call Statistics


June 2024: 595

Last year for June: 468

Year to date, effective June 30, 2024: 3207

Last YTD, June 30, 2023: 2949

Huntington Community
First Aid Squad

The Huntington Community First Aid Squad provides Advanced Life Support Ambulances and Emergency Medical Services to the residents of the Huntington Community Ambulance District located within the town of Huntington,New York. Over 250 volunteer members responded to 6,000 calls during 2019.

Our District

The Huntington Community Ambulance District covers an area from Lloyd Harbor and Lloyd Neck in the north to Melville in the south and from the Nassau/Suffolk border and Cold Spring Harbor in the west to Greenlawn and Dix Hills in the east.

Board of Directors 2024

The Board of Directors of the Huntington Community First Aid Squad is comprised of nine members of the organization elected from the membership at large. Four members are elected every year and the term of office for a member of the Board of Directors is two years. The Chief of Operations also sits on the Board of Directors as a full voting member.

Operational Officers 2024

The Operational Officers of the Huntington Community First Aid Squad are comprised of a Chief, three Deputy Chiefs, a Chief Dispatcher and seven Day Captains. The Operational Officers are responsible for the daily running of the Squad. There are seven Day Captains, each responsible for one day during the week. They are the senior Operational Officer for their day. There is a Chief Dispatcher who is responsible for the communications and office equipment and training members on dispatching. The Second Deputy Chief is responsible for continuing education and making sure that the members' certifications are up-to-date. The Third Deputy Chief is responsible for the maintenance of the facility and vehicles and the procurement of first aid supplies and equipment.

Day Captains 2024

Company 1 Sunday
Grant Werner
Company 2 Monday
Lily Poplawski
Company 3 Tuesday
Brandon Eybergen
Company 4 Wednesday
Dominic Heavey
Company 5 Thursday
Jackie de Bruin
Company 6 Friday
Eve Pollack
Company 7 Saturday
Matthew Philip

The Operational Officers also have members to assist them. Chris Roulo takes the minutes for the officers and assists with maintaining records and Chrissie Tedone (nee Blackwell) takes the minutes for the General Membership Meetings and distributes them to the members.