How to join the Huntington Community First Aid Squad:

Register for an American Heart Association "BLS Provider" course or the American Red Cross "CPR / AED for Professional Rescuers" course. It takes 6 hours to complete.  
  • Once you have CPR certification, you will receive the HCFAS blue application.
  • Complete and return the application. HCFAS will mail letters to your references.
  • You will be invited to a personal interview. You will be asked why you want to join the Squad, and be given additional information about HCFAS policies and procedures. You will be asked to sign a Disclosure Form allowing us to do a Background Check. You will also take a Squad-paid medical exam which will include a drug test.
  • Go to a Squad physician and complete the medical exam. 
  • When all forms have been received, your file will be brought to a Board of Directors meeting to review your application, references, background check, medical exam, and the recommendation of the members attending your personal interview. The Board will make a decision, and you will be notified promptly.
  • Congratulations!  You are a now a member and receive your membership number.
  • You will attend Dispatch Training classes for two weeks, then dispatch on your shift for approximately 17 weeks, pass a dispatch exam and attend Ambulance Orientation prior to riding an ambulance.
  • You have 18 months to enroll in a NYS Emergency Medical Technician course and 3 years to achieve EMT certification.  New members serve a 1 year probationary period.
  • If you have any questions about the process or you are already an EMT, please contact recruitment@hcfas.org.
Questions regarding the site should be directed to hcfaswebmaster@yahoo.com

Call Statistics

November of 2018: 471
Last year for November: 464
Year to date: 5395
Last Year YTD: 5658

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